Wednesday, October 14, 2009

chili weather

With the changing of the leaves and the temperatures dropping outside, it seems like it's getting to be chili making season. There's nothing like stewing some beans, beef, tomatoes and seasoning to celebrate the falling of the leaves and mercury. One of my favorite fall activities is to attend a chili cook-off fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation. All kinds of competitors bring their best pots to hopefully earn bragging rights for the best chili. We've sampled chili from firehouses, local restaurants, and even chefs-in-training, and they all bring some good stuff, although some of the ingredients make me wonder...'what were they thinking?!?' What would you think of chili with venison or buffalo meat? How about pepperoni? Celery? Cashews?

And since you're thinking you might want to break out that old family chili recipe, check back soon for a tutorial on chopping onions quickly and without tears!