Wednesday, February 13, 2013

valentines toddler trail mix cups

Valentine's day is tomorrow, and I am finding that this holiday (like most of the others) is becoming more and more centered around my children. This is absolutely ok with me. It makes things a lot more fun. It also makes them a lot more work. (sigh) On the to-do list for the two girls is: Valentines cards for two classes and treats for the preschooler's class party.  (The older child's school prohibits any home-made goodies. I know, I know...where's the fun in that?)

Pinterest has lots of cute ideas floating around for just about any occasion.  I tweaked a trail mix idea to make it toddler friendly and HeartDay colors.

Ingredients used: pre-popped popcorn, Yogurt Burst Cheerios, Goldfish Colors (just the red ones), dried sweetened cranberries, M&M candies, strawberry gummy nibbles, and cherry vanilla yogurt bites.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

the best rain out

Friends, it's been a while. For that, I'm sorry. I'll try to take a few moments and fill you in on the latest catering escapades from my kitchen.

But, first, I must tell you about two blogs of which I have recently become aware (and how this awareness came about).

My husband and I were scheduled to go ice skating with some friends this evening. Mother Nature had other plans, as a major weather system moved into the area bringing buckets and buckets of rain with it this afternoon. So, our party headed for the nearest pub. (Logical, right?)

Over a great dinner and wonderful conversation, I discovered that two of my friends had started blogging in the last few months. Both of their blogs are food related, and you should definitely check them out! (one post features some GORGEOUS pictures from a recent Italy trip) (shows you how to combine meal planning and grocer's weekly specials for savings)

In other news, my kitchen has been as busy as ever. I'll show you some highlights of the last few months.

Tie Dye Buttercream over Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Mousse with fresh raspberries and cream

Moroccan Carrot Salad Endive Cups

Goldfish Cupcakes