Thursday, January 28, 2010


In my mind, I am an organized person. Or maybe, I would like to be an organized person. I admire and respect organization in just about any form. I own a book about organizing just about anything.

My problem lies in the maintenance of organization. I can have a great system in place, but if I'm too hurried to keep it up, well...this is what happens.
Let me rephrase. This is what happens when things fall out of my pantry when I open the door, or we hear something take a flying leap during our dinner. I had enough and it was time to start I can breathe. After a good scrubbing of all of the shelves, baseboards and floor, I was ready to reclaim my counter space. I discovered a few duplicate items that could be combined, a few things that were past their 'prime', and thing or two purchased on impulse that were just taking up space in the pantry. Jalapeno lemonade mix?!? I restocked the previously labeled shelves and I think it looks manageable now.

I don't think we'll have any more 'jumpers'. What a relief!

It's been about 3 weeks since the last photo was taken, and I'm really glad to say it looks roughly the same. Here's where the story gets interesting...the project has expanded to other closets, cabinets, storage units and other clutter-tending-locales in the house. Entry closet: done. Master bath cabinets: done. Guest closet: done. China hutch: done. Linen closet: in-progress. Basement: let's not get the cart in front of the horse here! (Don't wait up on that one!)

Good luck with your own de-junk-ifying!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

party by numbers

Everyone remembers painting by numbers from way back when, right? An article in Rachel Ray's Everyday highlights some of the important numbers for hosting a party. Here are some of Rachel's digits, and some from my own experience...

0 - The amount you need to spend on favors.

5.30 ($) - The average cost of a custom imprinted invitation. (Yikes!)

6-8 - The number of appetizers needed per person, per hour for an afternoon or later evening party.

6-8 - The number of gallons of iced beverages needed to serve 100 guests.

8 (#) - Amount of tortilla chips needed to serve 100 guests.

10 - The number of appetizers needed per person, per hour for a lunch time party.

12 (PM) - The time at which brunch becomes lunch.

14 - The number of appetizers needed per person, per hour for a dinner time party (without an entree).

20 - The number of minutes that should pass between the end of dinner and when dessert is served.

30 (%) - The amount of invitees that will RSVP.

50 (°) - The minimum temperature for outdoor entertaining...unless you're hosting a bonfire!

60 - The number of minutes between when a party starts and when dinner should be served.

67 (%) - Average invitation acceptance rate.

80 (%) - Percentage of guests that will accept if offered coffee or tea.

200 - Number of napkins suggested for a party of 15.