Wednesday, February 13, 2013

valentines toddler trail mix cups

Valentine's day is tomorrow, and I am finding that this holiday (like most of the others) is becoming more and more centered around my children. This is absolutely ok with me. It makes things a lot more fun. It also makes them a lot more work. (sigh) On the to-do list for the two girls is: Valentines cards for two classes and treats for the preschooler's class party.  (The older child's school prohibits any home-made goodies. I know, I know...where's the fun in that?)

Pinterest has lots of cute ideas floating around for just about any occasion.  I tweaked a trail mix idea to make it toddler friendly and HeartDay colors.

Ingredients used: pre-popped popcorn, Yogurt Burst Cheerios, Goldfish Colors (just the red ones), dried sweetened cranberries, M&M candies, strawberry gummy nibbles, and cherry vanilla yogurt bites.

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