Tuesday, December 8, 2009

red velvet cake

I like Red Velvet Cake. However, I did not like it when I was a child. The Eugene Field Elementary School cafeteria usually did a passable job preparing our lunches, but there was something mysteriously awry with their version of Red Velvet Cake. For some reason, I associated school lunch red velvet cake with all others. Gladly, I re-tried it as an adult, and found that I really do like the complex and deep flavor of this holiday gateau.

I happen to think that Paula Deen has some great cake recipes, not the least of which is her Red Velvet Cake. For those of you who shy away from anything with an ingredient list numbering larger than 5, this may not be for you. For everyone else...here it is!
I like to butter and cocoa my cake pans when preparing a chocolate or dark cake. That way, when you un-pan the cakes, you don't have a dusting of white flour all over.It smells so good once you pour in the buttermilk...you won't believe it!Frosted with marshmallow, coconut, pecans, and other yummies.

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