Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what to do about all the seeds...

You know...all the little white seeds, that seem to multiply while your back is turned, rinsing your knife. Here's a method I use when I have to slice, chop, dice, or otherwise de-seed these yummy veggies. First, wash it.
Slice off the top and bottom...just a thin slice so it has something flat to sit on, and so you can peep down through the top into the center part of the pepper, and keep your eye on those seeds.Align your knife with a section of flesh, and slice down through the connective parts, so you have removed one quarter-panel of the pepper.Keep slicing these quarter-panels away, until you're left with just a pod of those pesky white seeds. Dispose of them however you wish.Now if you've done it right, you don't have stray seeds all over your cutting board as in past incursions with bell peppers! Take one of your quarter-panels and cut it as required for making dipping sticks, fajita slices, or dices for many other dishes.
I made these into a yummy veggie dip. Mmmm....

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  1. I used your method last week when chopping some peppers for a salad. It worked! So glad to be done with all of those messy seeds. Thanks, Carrie!