Tuesday, November 17, 2009

pioneer woman

Any of you follow Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman? My interest in this lady began a few months ago when I started chronicling my adventures in the catering kitchen. I wanted some tips on taking good photographs of food. Take a look at her cooking section. Each entry is filled with beautiful photos...demonstrating the different steps in each recipe.

Anywho...between my husband and myself, we became intrigued by her stories and tutorials, and found out that she would be visiting our fair city. So we made plans to attend her book signing and purchase her new cook book. Apparently, so did several hundred other people. And although it's always good to add to the fun quotient, we probably should have found alternate care for our toddler-daughter. The line for getting your book signed was not going to be any shorter than one hour, and the evening was already getting late for us.

Well, one of Ree's sons was roaming the rows of seating, offering to write his name near one of his photos in the book. Since it was a book signing, I asked if he would sign my book... ...and that's the only name that got signed in my book tonight. But that is OK.

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