Friday, November 13, 2009

try something new

Last evening our family tried a new restaurant, Oishi, in Chesterfield. I say new because it is new to it turns out, it has been there for several years. I wanted to order the vegetarian hibachi meal, but I hesitated because it included tofu. So I thought I'd order it, and say something silly like, 'hold the tofu, please'. Then I realized my almost-three-year-old daughter was watching...imagining what she might order following my lead: 'chicken nuggets, please'. (EEEEK! In her defense, we had to pass by Chick-Fil-A to get to this new restaurant, and the place is so well lit that every toddler notices and tells their parents, 'I want to go THERE!') So, I decided against making my order complicated, and just ordered the vegetarian meal. The hibachi chef came to our table and cooked our meal, tossing knives, eggs, chicken pieces and spice containers into the air. It was quite entertaining. But then I tasted my tofu. It was so yummy, I made my husband eat a piece of it. I'm so glad I tried it! Maybe next time I'll really go out on a limb and try sushi. (Maybe.)

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  1. Sushi is the bomb! You will love it once you try it...there are endless options & flavors!