Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's too darn hot! My car thermometer read 102* this afternoon. To think that not too many generations ago, air conditioning was unheard of...I can't even imagine.

Because I am just not a fan of uber hot weather, and will NOT be turning my oven or stove on for the foreseeable future, I thought something fun and lighthearted was in order.

I am giving away a new Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator. To enter,leave a comment about your favorite part of summer.
Here's mine...

My favorite part of summer would have to be swimming or fireworks.

Easy, right?

Click to leave your comments before Thursday (7/14) at 11:59PM, and you are entered to win!

Good luck!


  1. Summer is my favorite season, and I like almost everything about it. I love summer clothes - shorts, tees, and if I have to wear shoes, flip flops. Sunshine which begins early in the morning and continues well into evening. The abundance and variety of fresh fruits and veggies. Swimming. Sitting by a pool with a good friend and/or a good book. A trip to Fritz's at the end of a hot day. Bright colorful flowers, green trees and grass. The smell of BBQ. Watching Cardinal baseball. I LOVE SUMMER!

  2. I think my favorite things of summer are laying out and going to the beach...oh and laying out! Wish I got to do both things more often. :D