Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my kitchen friend

It would never take many tinkering sounds from the kitchen before I would be joined by my faithful companion, my first baby, my furry girl, Pocahontas.
She always had a knack for knowing when I would be dealing with food or clean up, which meant treats for her. She would position herself in such a way that I would have to step over her about 6 times every minute. This equated to about 6 treats a minute. I teased and called her my 'speedbump'. I think this was so I wouldn't forget to give her tastes of my projects. She would even stick her head in the dishwasher to make sure there were no tastes of yumminess left on the dishes before the wash cycle started.
Pokey was kind of spoiled. OK...she was very spoiled. We treated her like a person. We took her on our family vacations, took her in the car when we went for ice cream in the summer, and bought peanut butter and carob cakes from the doggie bakery for her birthdays.
She just celebrated her 10th birthday and last week, she went to doggie heaven. We will miss her dearly. Working in the kitchen without my helper is just not the same.

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